- ABS Blast

ABS Blast has just completed one of the army’s newest and most advanced blast and paint facilities in the country. In addition to the technology used in the completion of the project, this was also a LEED Program Project.

ABS Blast used 85% recycled steel in the construction of the blast room structure, as well as a heat recovery system to return heated air to a heat exchanger that was utilized to heat the main blast and paint building.

The blast room was constructed of double sided panels with noise dampening material “sandwiched” between the heavy gauge steel sheets. The result is a blast room operation that is whisper quiet.

The room includes a 2-ton bridge crane with remote control operation and a heavy-duty floor system rated at 48,000 lbs. per sq. ft. Parts can be driven into the room or brought in by heavy-duty forklifts. Various parts can be lifted with the crane to access areas that need to be blasted.

ABS Blast leads the industry in innovation and design. Let use help you design the blast facility that best meets your needs.