Blast Rooms - ABS Blast

When selecting the proper abrasive for the blast room, it is important to look at the entire spectrum of parts that will be blasted in the facility.

For example, a job shop blasting operation may see one type of work for a period of time and another type of fabricated aluminum parts for another period of time. In this type of application, you would want to select a type of abrasive that is applicable to both types of base material (i.e.- steel (ferrous) and aluminum (non-ferrous), such as garnet, star blast, aluminum oxide, etc.

While a mineral abrasive gives you the flexibility to accept a variety of work into your shop, it does break-down at a much faster rate than steel grit abrasive. Typically, you can recycle mineral abrasives about 3-6 times, based on operating pressures at the nozzle and the initial size and hardness of the abrasive.

Steel grit abrasive also comes in a variety of sizes and hardnesses. The typical recycle rate for steel grit (G-40) is 150-200 times. Again, this can vary based on operating pressure at the nozzle.