Full Reclaim Blast Room - ABS Blast

The abrasive blast media reclaim system is comprised of a floor reclaim and an abrasive separator. The media reclaim floor design can vary from simple “sweep-in” designs to “full” floor reclaims which recover all the abrasive through a grated floor.

Abrasive media reclaim designs vary based on the manufacturer and type of abrasive that is being reclaimed.

When a very light abrasive such as small glass beads or a fine aluminum oxide (i.e.-120 mesh or smaller) is being used, the most common method of media reclaim is a vacuum floor and cyclone separator. This method is also used in most hand cabinets that use suction or pressure blasting.

The most reliable and cost effective method of reclaiming is the mechanical screw floor with a belt and bucket elevator, rotary scalping drum, and air-wash separator.